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“All of my paintings are me telling a story about a relationship, in one form or another.”

About me

Born in High Prairie Alberta in 1972, I am of Woodland Cree heritage. The eldest son of Clifford Gullion And Margaret Lamouche, both members of the Bigstone Cree Nation, located in North Central Alberta on Treaty 8 Territory.

I use painting as a way to express myself, to express my thoughts. My paintings are a story about relationships, about personal journey, or about principles such as humility, forgiveness, and courage. I spend a lot of time throughout the year traveling to and participating in cultural and spiritual ceremonies. Many of my works represent things that I have seen, heard, and or experienced at these gatherings.

About my work

In my artwork I use bold black lines and vibrant lively colors reminiscent of the woodland style of art. I use animals such as birds, bears, wolves, eagles, beavers, ravens and buffaloes to represent people or groups of people, and also to represent spiritual beings. I use circles to represent thoughts, ideas, statements, words, concepts, and principles.

For commissioned work

I like to sit with the person or persons requesting a personal work, or if distance is substantial we can connect over Skype or telephone.

I want to get a sense of the person or persons, and to know a bit of the history behind the work or relationship behind the piece being commissioned.

I’m a ceremonial person. After I’ve spoken to the commissioner of the work in person or over Skype or telephone, I spend time praying and meditating on the work before I begin.

Recent work